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Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson is an award-winning professional arranger specializing in contemporary a cappella music. Tom's arrangements entered millions of homes on NBC's "The Sing-Off", have racked up nearly half a billion (with a "b") YouTube views and counting, and on at least one occasion made Aaron Sorkin cry in front of a live audience.


Tom's arrangements have been featured on releases by Grammy winners Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) and the Swingle Singers, "The Sing-Off" champions Committed, and multiple ICHSA champions and ICCA finalists, as well as on non Royal Caribbean cruise lines, at Disney and Busch Gardens theme parks, and, somehow, as backing vocals for Vampire Weekend. Tom is a frequent educator on arranging-related topics at vocal music events nationwide. He resides in Chicago, where he has lived since the Cubs were truly, truly awful.

(Oh, and "Random Notes" is an anagram of "Tom Anderson", so. There ya go. Bam.)


Contact Tom at!

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