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#reqlis is the social-friendly shorthand for Required Listening.


(It's not actually required.  It's just a good idea.) 


Every now and again on our social accounts, we post a link (hashtagged with #reqlis) to a piece of music - that we had nothing to do with creating - that is so filthy good that we need to share it with all of y'all. Sometimes it will be a particularly wicked arrangement, sometimes an especially killer live performance, sometimes a cappella, sometimes not... depends what knocks us out on any given day. Consider it a crystal ball into what we find inspiring and what informs our choices as musicians. Or just consider it something (hopefully) cool to listen to for a few minutes. Either way, we hope you dig it!

Snarky Puppy - "Lingus"

Cory Henry gonna Cory Henry.

Tony Succar - "Billie Jean"

Peruvian via Miami = hotness.

Geoffrey Keezer - "Footprints"

My favorite jazz piano player ever goes one-man wrecking crew on a Wayne Shorter classic. I pretty much need a do-over on my entire musical life after this.

Crossroads - "Lucky Old Sun"

From their Gold-Medal-winning set in 2009. One of the most stunning a cappella performances I know of. Never gets old. This is how it's DONE. Just watch.

Dylan Bell - "Introduction Song"

The musical mastermind behind one of my favorite a cappella records ever made, Cadence's "Twenty for One". I'm typically either laughing out loud or holding my head in my hands by the end of this video, but always muttering curses at Dylan and his completely unreasonable amount of talent.

Take 6 - "The Star-Spangled Banner"

From their 1992 VHS release "All Access". Still filthy after all these years. 

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