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"The best in the business."

~ Bill Hare, Owner, Bill Hare Productions


“My favorite arranger.”

~ Erik Bosio, Cluster


"He's an awesome arranger."

~ Dave Sperandio, Owner, Vocal Mastering


“Absolutely the king of textures and layers…. the best of the syllable bunch.”

~ Dave Brown, co-host of Mouth Off


“I've heard [Tom’s arrangement of “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”] a few times now, and every time I end up with goosebumps and tears. It is nothing short of a masterpiece.”

~ Dylan Bell, Cadence/Retrocity


“[T]here are several fantastic young arrangers in the contemporary a cappella community who are not (yet) world-famous names but have created some fantastic charts. Look for Tom Anderson....”

~ from “A Cappella Arranging” by Deke Sharon and Dylan Bell

"There’s a reason I believe Tom Anderson is the greatest a cappella arranger living today: he sees music, writes music, and hears music in a “Beautiful Mind” like way. Despite his endless portfolio of arrangements, the immediate proof is in “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” where he utilizes chord combinations I haven’t even heard of...and creates a rich tapestry of sound I didn’t even know was possible."

~ Dr. Marc Silverberg, FloVoice, former CASA Dir. of Education 


"[T]he arrangements are, across the board, awesomely fun and cool."

~ Daniel Herriges, Mixed Company (Stanford University)


"My hat goes off to the best arranger of college a cappella songs that I have ever come across."

~ Josh Klatz, On the Rocks (University of Oregon)


 "Tom's arrangements are so sick they won't let you donate blood after singing one!"

~ Kenneth Lowe, Outspoken (Oregon State University)


"I'm a huuuuuge Tom Anderson fan."

~Jon Pilat, Hookslide


“The best a cappella arranger in the world.”

~ Peter Hollens

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