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 “Fantastic, energetic, and nuanced arrangements…. by arranger extraordinaire and altogether amazing musical genius of all time and my hero of America, Tom Anderson, who is responsible for some of the most compelling a cappella arrangements that were ever created, ever.”

~ Christopher Diaz, co-host of Mouth Off



“[A] masterpiece.”

~ Roger Thomas, music director of Naturally 7, on Tom’s “Poor Wayfaring Stranger" arrangement



"Really knocked me out .... beautifully arranged .... a real winner!"

~ Ward Swingle, who knew a thing or two about Swingle Singers arrangements, on the same piece



the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB) says:


"Arranged to perfection."


“Tom Anderson’s arrangements are... excellent, featuring expert layering both rhythmically and harmonically[.]”


"It was [Tom's] attention to detail and seemingly boundless creativity that kept me engaged and listening closely.... Listen to the variations in the backgrounds for the first and second verses in virtually all of his arrangements and you'll never be satisfied again with those arrangements that seem to end after the first iteration of the verse and chorus."


“The star here is really Anderson.... There isn’t a dud arrangement to be found....”


“Not surprisingly, the best arrangements here are contributed by Tom Anderson.... a master class in and of itself on Arranging 101.... I don’t smoke but I need a cigarette.”


"Wonderfully arranged ... just a hands-down masterpiece. Bravo."

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